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Purpose and Concept

  • “Simple Magnetised Torus” Compact demonstration device

  • Fully self contained within a  90 x 90  x 160 cm envelop, easily transportable and suitable for public demonstration.

  • Low temperature plasma (1 to 5 ev) demonstrating the effect of magnetic fields on plasma shape, position and emission spectrum.

  • Toroidal,  Poloidal and Solenoid Coils with independent low voltage power supplies

  • Continuous operation, safe enough to demonstrate to public.

  • Glow discharge plasma operation.

  • Spectrometer and basic plasma diagnostics

  • Modular, Upgradeable performance to suit post graduate teaching and research . E x B, J x B, Cross field, Plasma Instability demonstrations.


  • Major Radius 23 cm Minor Radius 7.5 cm

  • 8 TF Coils each with independent power supplies

  • Toroidal field of up to 0.025 T continuous. Up to 0.1T pulsed.

  • 4 Poloidal field coils , each with independent control.

  • Low voltage Solenoid coil with AC and DC drive

  • Glow discharge plasma operation using variable HV and RF sources in N2 or He

  • Cameras with Vision based tracking of plasma position and shape

  • UV - VIS Spectrometer , Langmuir probe, Hall effect Magnetometer

  • Laser diagnostics port

SPM1 October 23.jpg
PF1_2 40A SOL 70A NO TF Glow discharge.jpg
MTest 33.jpg

SPM1 Simple Magnetised Torus

Glow discharge with Poloidal field coils energised

Glow discharge with one bank of TF coils energised

Minimak GUI1.jpg

Software Control  Interface

Glow discharge with time varying TF field

Glow discharge

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